Words by Loutje Hoekstra,  LouLine


As an artist, but also as a person Inez Agnese has a strong urge to see and meet others. But meeting them by words isn’t exactly what she longs for. Inez wants to meet them by the person they are from under their skin. Her method of working is in silence, as bodies and minds move differently when there are barely any distractions around. The only sound is the music she uses to liberate the physical stillness.

“Even though I am behind the camera, watching it all happen, that’s the place where I feel I can see what it is to be that person, or what their nature is. The light glitching over their skin and a small movement of the body can feel like they are wordlessly speaking out their inner thoughts. The camera is just a tool, though it is a powerful tool. It helps me to catch the moment the body is eternal and turns into a statue and to catch that moment the body fades away and there is just a moving living thing left.”

Her photography is raw, as she does not search for a particular beauty.
Inez: “For me there is a different understanding of what beauty is. I choose my models by their daringness to reveal themselves and by their wish to show their bare face and personality. It was a friend of mine, who stepped in front of my lens who succeeded to describe her experience as the beauty I long for. Key of it is the sensible and true: the naked personality someone has, being revealed with time and space to free the personality from under the skin.”